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Our daily rental cost includes the proper installation of your chosen aquarium tank. We will take full responsibility for the maintenance of the tank, along with the care of the fish. We provide advice on the optimum position of the tank and its full installation.

The stocking levels of the new aquarium will be increased gradually over 2-3 months, whilst the tank matures. During this time the fish will be closely monitored for their optimum health. Tanks will be installed with heated or cold water, according to your requirements. Basic tank decorations are included such as gravel, stones and plastic plants to create an attractive, harmonious environment.

Lights will be installed with a timer to suit the customers’ requirements. All tanks are supplied with full feeding instructions and customers are supplied with free stocks of fish food. Temporary self-feeders are available during holiday periods.



Rent Aquarium will provide you with a monthly maintenance package as part of your daily rental cost. Our maintenance service is available in the North London area.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • Wall tank cleaning
  • Filter cleaning and re-packing
  • Livestock check
  • Replenish food stocks
  • Water testing
  • Water change
  • Gravel cleaning
  • Equipment inspections
  • Servicing/repairing of any faulty equipment


Fish Care

Rent Aquarium believes that the proper care of fish is one of the most important tasks and provides this service free of charge. Every month one of our experts will check all livestock and provide treatment or medication if necessary. Any deceased livestock will be replaced free of charge and full guidance will be provided on removing any unhealthy fish in between visits to minimise any damage to the other fish. Our services also include the replacement of any tank equipment that is faulty or worn out.